Students are taught the state’s prescribed syllabus along with extra material aided from publishers such as Ofxord. We believe that students should be equipped with knowledge beyond the standard requirements.

Children are given special English workshops and are given the choice to study foreign languages such as Russian. Children are motivated to join as many competitive activities as they can to prepare them for a brighter future.

Student life


Pre-school, LKG and UKG students are taught English throughout their daily routines by experienced staff from Anglo Indian communities.

Special hours are set aside for them to sing and dance with the aid of a projector that helps increase their communication skills in grammar and pronunciation. They take part in sports and all cultural events.

They are encouraged to take center stage and perform in school assemblies as well. These are the most delicate years of a child’s life and we work hard to ensure they grow into the best versions of themselves.


Grades 1 to 5 are handled by a co-ordination of well trained teachers who handle smart classes and aid the students in going the extra mile that encourages them to learn more than just what the syllabus consists of.

They are given good exposure to general knowledge and
developmental skills at this stage.

Middle School

Knowing very well that these are the years that shape an
adolescent’s mind, these classes are handled with much caution and motivation.

Students are geared up for the outside world with exposure to different languages, such as Russian. Special English workshops are conducted for students.

They actively take part in all of the school’s programs and cultural activities.

High School

Special classes are conducted for these grades, enabling them to increase their competitive strength and prepping them for their Board exams. An experienced team of faculty members aid them.

Children are trained with mock exams and given special
attention to help them face their exams more confidently.

We ensure that they are still a part of the school’s various
activities and do our best to get them through this difficult period with smiles on their faces.

Higher Secondary

The students are taught to take on roles and responsibilities at this stage to learn the qualities of leadership. Captains and vice captains are allowed to lead their houses (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter).

They actively take part in the organization of medical camps in rural communities and other social welfare academics while continuing to have a firm grasp on their focus on

They are readied at this stage to face the challenges of
University life, enabling them to balance both academics and personal development.

Here, at Le Chatelier School, we have observed that every generation is a little smarter than the one that came before and this is why we
understand that your child deserves more. Evolving minds need progressive, holistic education.
Providing this form of education for your child is our goal.

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